How To Use Dishwasher With Broken Soap Dispenser – Step-by-Step

broken soap dispenser in dishwasher

Having a dishwasher is, at times, bliss. However, the thrill can quickly turn into a curse when it stops dispensing soap. To think about it, what good is a dishwasher without dispensing soap?

You can easily use a dishwasher with a broken soap dispenser when you repair it right at your home. With the proper steps, you can use your dishwasher like it’s new in no time.

But, to your advantage, repairing a dishwasher is not as hard as you think it may be. We have prepared this article to understand how to use a dishwasher with a broken soap dispenser. Say no to the says of zero soap dispensing, and get your dishwasher back on its feet with our article! For more, keep reading down below.

How To Use Dishwasher With Broken Soap Dispenser:

The first thing that pops up in your head when you see a broken soap dispenser is probably panic attacks. 

Many thoughts will arise, such as – will you get a fixer time? Will you be able to get your dishes done? To answer all of your queries, we have got you covered.

First of all, you’ll need to know how a dishwasher dispenses soap work, so let’s get into that.

How does a dishwasher soap dispenser work?

Your dishwasher soap dispenser works in a certain way. First of all, it’ll start by releasing the soap into your machine. 

However, that may be disrupted when the latch on it is faulty. Your dishes will probably remain oily and won’t clean near to finesse. 

However, it’s a widespread problem. You’re not the only one who’s having a soap dispenser break down. They’re indeed a very high maintenance object and need constant care to work correctly. 

Hence, you’ll need to determine first whether or not your dishwasher soap dispenser is broken.

How to determine the problem of your dishwasher soap dispenser:

You’ll firstly have to understand the structure of your dishwasher. When you pour your soap or dishwasher detergent into the washer, it firstly releases the soap to the first compartment. The first one is named for prewashing your dishes. 

Later, when your dishes are in the middle of being washed, the soap will proceed to the second compartment. It’s going to be a sealed compartment designed for the primary usage of your dishwasher. 

Give your compartments a good check; sometimes, the cause of your dishwasher breaking down is simply the lack of good hand washing. 

The dish soap is prone to clogging your dishwasher. Hence, make sure to clean the compartments thoroughly by running them under clean hard-water.

There’s one more thing for you to check. Make sure your dishwasher cover not being damaged. If you see unusual moving or hear cracks from inside your dishwasher opener, chances are it’s got a broken latch. 

Verifying whether or not the latches are correctly attached and not clogged with detergents, pods, or softener is an essential part of the entire step of the next procedures. Give it a good rinsing by yourself. 

However, even after doing so, if your problem persists, you’ll have to look for other solutions. Don’t worry, as the steps for fixing your soap dispenser isn’t challenging and can be done sitting at home. 

Our article consists of step-by-step procedures using dishwasher with broken soap dispenser by repairing the door latch. 

How to fix the dishwasher soap dispenser?

When you start fixing your dishwasher, there are a few things you’ll need for sure. They are:

● Screwdrivers of different sizes

● Torx head screwdriver (preferably number fifteen)

● Dishwasher soap dispenser spring

● Dishwasher soap dispenser module

Step by step procedure to use the dishwasher with broken soap dispenser :

Step one: Make sure your dishwasher is turned off.

The first thing you’ll want for your safety is to turn off the dishwasher. If you try to disassemble the appliance when it’s turned on, you can hurt yourself as well as the machine. 

Hence, make sure to unplug your dishwasher and double-check it. You can check it through trying to turn the machine once you’ve pulled out the cord and turned the main electric supply off. 

Step two: Disable both the door and the control panel

Open the dishwasher door and then extract from the edge of the dishwasher door all the Number 15 Torx head screws. 

To loosen the screws, use a Torx head screwdriver is exactly number fifteen. When you are done, shut the doors back and expose the dishwasher internals.

To uncover the door frame’s backside, softly pull the front panel from the door of the dishwasher. You should soon be able to see the internal components of the dishwasher.

Step three: Remove the dispenser

Eliminate any protecting material from behind to uncover a spring. If the spring has strayed from its course, reconnect it or replace it on the off chance that it is broken. 

You would not see this season for older devices, as the spring would likely have been used up by now. In this case, locating the entire soap dispenser module and removing it is the way to go.

Remove all the screws and expose the internals. Now, you’ll remove the soap dispenser. 

Step four: Install a new dispenser.

Now that the new dispenser bracket has been mounted to the door panel of the dishwasher lock the dishwasher door. 

For the next step, unscrew the three tiny screws that were previously in the bracket. Connect the bracket to the plate using these screws.

Step five: To reattach the control panel and door panel.

It is now time to attach the power supply to the modular dispenser. It is necessary to repair the screws which are used to connect the interior panel to the dishwasher. 


The soap dispenser door latch is quite necessary for a dishwasher. If your dishwasher is not running correctly, it can leave your grease included dirty dishes, glassware, utensils non-scrubbing, and unreasonably dirty. 

If your dishwasher needs maintenance, finding a specialist may be costly. Instead, it would help if you repaired it yourself by following the simple step by step instruction, and your pots, cutlery, and racks will be clean in no time. 

We hope by now you know all about how to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser!

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