The best dish rack

Working in a kitchen is mostly about efficiency. The more organized everything is, the faster it’s supposed to work for you. Also, a disorganized kitchen is a nightmare for anyone, whether that’s someone working for the first time, or a veteran in the kitchen. And considering all the water spills and how vulnerable our kitchen appliances are to water, not drying them off properly could mean that they’d be damaged by water stains if not dried and stored properly. Thus we’re presenting the best dish rack out there, something that’s going to both save space, organize your cluttered kitchen and make drying and storing a very easy process while saving you a great deal of money. Presenting, Dish Rack Over Sink Dish Drying Rack Kitchen Stainless Steel Over The Sink Shelf Storage Rack by Lyon’s

Product description: 

With so many products available here and there, what’s special about this is the fact that it’s not just your average dish rack. It’s strong enough to hold 50kgs of weight with a double layer to ensure it can hold enough dishes without making you break a sweat. A simple yet sophisticated design to fit anywhere, and with customizable options available in the market, this is the best dish rack investment you can make for your kitchen, without a doubt in mind. 

The best dish rack

best dish drying rack for small spaces

Important features: 

  • Smart design: Designed to fit into space above the sink for most kitchens, making good use of the time and space around it, while preventing to spend money for other storage options as it holds most of the stuff easily. Also, very easy to assemble, open and store when not in use with its card slot design that doesn’t require a lot of tools or tinkering. 
  • Storage capacity: Double-deck storage which ensures good use of most of the space in the rack, with 3 baskets separately for bowls, plates and fruit & vegetable, 1 knife holder, 1 chopping board rack which is also a pot cover holder , 1 square basket usable as a detergent holder, 1 cutlery holder/chopsticks cage. Enough to hold all of your utensils without hassle


  • Strength: Material made out of steel pipes which are up to 2.5 cm wide. They’re strong and can hold weight up to 50kgs for your good use. 
  • Non-slip: Has non-slip suction cups on each side to prevent the rack from falling.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Efficient design that fits into any kitchen aesthetic, yet easy to assemble
  • Can hold more than 50 kgs 
  • Doesn’t slip 
  • Fits into space above the sink for most kitchens


  • Slightly overpriced
  • Extensions need to be purchased.

Frequently asked questions and answers:


  • Can someone confirm water actually drains into the sink and not the back of the counter? 

Ans: Water drops right below the sink, you can put it above your sink and it’ll drop there or put a mat underneath to soak the water


  • Can I choose which side to place the fruit basket, bowl rack, and dish rack?

Ans: Yes, it’s a clip mounted design, it’s very easy to assemble. 


If you need something that does a lot more than just drying dishes, this is what you’d need. It’s a bit expensive, yes. But without a doubt, it’s one of the best dish racks you’ll ever use. A bit of an investment now might do you the world of good in the near future


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