How to prevent dish rack from rusting

How to prevent dish rack from rusting


How to prevent dish rack from rusting

Having a dish rack is very important for any kitchen. However, your dishes are likely to be damaged if your dish rack itself contains rust. In this article, we’ve searched for ways on how to prevent dish rack from rusting to make your life easier.

Your kitchen is where all the magic happens. Thus, having a steady kitchen is very important. If everything is in place and working alright, your job will only get easier. However, you need to have the right products to make matters easier. 

People often tend to undermine the value of a dish drying rack, mostly because they’re small products that people don’t notice much, and their need remains underrated. 

Your kitchen utensils need to be dried and stored well before using them. Otherwise, they’ll accumulate water droplets, and if they’re metallic, they’ll gather rust and lose their longevity. Therefore, investing in a high-quality dish drying rack is important. Also, if you have a small kitchen, having one of the best over the sink dish rack means you have a place to store your dishes, cutlery, utensils, etc. which will save your already limited space to a great extent. 

However, oftentimes your dish rack itself might gather rust. The rust might spread to your dishes and make them dirty and damage their quality. Thus, you need to know how to prevent your dish rack from rusting to save both your racks and your dishes.

Ways to prevent dish rack from rusting:

Choosing the right dish rack:

Firstly, you need to choose a dish rack that won’t rust. There are many kinds available out there, and choosing the right kind is very important.  Therefore, only choose one of the best dish racks out there. 

The most common and cheap one is the plastic coated dish racks. It’s body is made of a flimsy wire and then provided a metal coating for longevity. Although they’ll only last a year or two, they generally won’t rust unless the plastic is damaged. 

There’s also the more high end stainless steel ones. In order to prevent your dish rack from rusting Mostly made from 204 and 304 stainless steel, these can be of many types. Although they’re a bit expensive, they’ll last a few good years and take good care of your dishes.

However, if you’re looking for something more natural, go for a bamboo or wood dish rack. These racks will last a while if you carefully choose a good one. However, they’re not very reliable since wood is damaged by water. 

Cleaning it frequently:

Rust can accumulate when your dish rack has too much for it to handle. To prevent rust from your dish rack, you need to keep it clean. You need to follow some simple steps in order to get it easily cleaned and prepared. These include:

  • Dismantle: You need to open the dish rack well and then get to work. Dismantle the dish rack as much as you can. The rack should come with a guide on how to open and join it ⁿ. Open it carefully and store the smaller parts well.
  • Scrub: Next up, scrub it well with soap. Use a scourer or a brush and apply soap thoroughly all over the rack. You can use a dish rack cleaning brush if you have access to one. However, a normal brush works just as fine.
  • Rinse: Once you’re done scrubbing it with soap, rinse it clean. Use running water to clean off all the soap from it thoroughly. Make sure to clean the smaller and technical parts thoroughly to prevent any soap from staying there and drying up. 
  • Dry: Now that it’s cleaned, you need to dry it before using it again. Put it over some rags or a dish drying Matt and put it under some sunlight. Use it only once it’s completely dry. 

Although this is the most common procedure for cleaning a dish rack, there are other methods out there as well. There’s the vinegar method which is also popular. Furthermore, if you have a dishwasher friendly dish rack, just keep it in there for some time. 

Now, while cleaning is always good, what should be the frequency of your cleaning. Generally, giving it a little rinse and drying it every time it has been used is a good idea. Also, opening the entire thing and thoroughly washing it once every week is always a great idea because it then prevents the risk of forming a mold later. 

Dealing with small damages: 

Nowadays, most of the dish racks have a plastic coating on them to prevent rusting. However, even a slight damage to the coating will make it vulnerable to rust. Because, when metals come in contact with water, even in the smallest bit, it will form rust. Then the rust will spread from one end to another of the rack completely damaging it. Thus, you need to take care of your rack and prevent it from getting damaged. 

  • Be gentle: We can’t stress this enough, but most dish racks are very flimsy. So, be gentle when picking up and placing them so you don’t end up damaging it. 
  • Handle carefully: When putting dishes in the rack, handle them carefully. Don’t overload the rack and put too many products, again don’t do it too quickly. Be slow, and place them where they’re supposed to be. Use the parts and pieces accordingly. Otherwise, a slight nudge might damage the product without your notice. 
  • Use mechanical tape in spots: If you see a spot in the rack, which is damaging the plastic part, use some mechanical tape. These tapes are made in such a way that they’ll prevent heat and moisture. A good bit of tape can save your rack from rusting and give it some longevity. 


Although a dish rack is very important in a kitchen, it’s not going to last forever. Most of them have a lifespan of a few years. But, you can expand its lifespan by taking care of it well. However, it might still get damaged, and having a damaged product for too long is never a good idea. So, when things go wrong, do look for a replacement.

Your kitchen is amazing, and it needs to be treated like that. Rusting is a massive problem and there really is no way to stop rusting completely. However, a few steps here and there can save you from a lot of trouble. This article contains some necessary steps, and we hope these come to your favor. 


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