How to Clean SimpleHuman Dish Rack All by Yourself.

Your dishwashing agenda is perfect! You have a proper dish drying mat sitting on the counter space. While the dish rack from SimpleHuman is resting on top of it. This huge guy usually gets a lot of praise by catching good attention. Because one, it holds everything so nice and neatly that you can literally plan a stock photoshoot anytime. Two, cleaning the thing is super simple and you don’t have to bother anymore over cheap dish drying racks looking nasty no matter how much cleanup you do.  

Let’s find out a few tips and steps on how you can clean the simplehuman dish rack and keep it in a tiptop shape for as long as possible.

How to Clean SimpleHuman Dish Rack

Let’s Talk About Cleaning Your SimpleHuman Dish Rack.

Do you have the bamboo dish racks from SimpleHuman? Or maybe the model with steel frame and racks for small kitchen usage. The process for cleaning is going to be general. Even if you have a regular dish drainer or over-the-sink racks from some different brand, the method will still help. So, Keep on Reading…

You Need to Dissemble the Rack Carefully.

Now some of you may not really want to go through the whole dismantling process. But hear me out. Dish racks are something that has a lot of corners and tricky areas that are quite hard to reach. And even if you do a lot of regular cleaning to keep it spotless enough, the tricky areas are most probably still going to get left out.

So, just for the sake of saving barely a few additional minutes or effort, don’t skip this step. Get the thing dismantled and allow a closer, deeper cleaning.

Also, do not forget to refer to the provided manual of your dish rack. Carefully follow the given instructions to disassemble everything nice and safe. You don’t want to damage a certain part due to having less idea about it.

Give It a Good Scrub Everywhere (Avoid Circular Motions!)

So, you have all parts ready for the cleaning. Now get a scrub that isn’t something very harsh to leave scratch marks. Go for the non-bristled ones. Use it to gradually scrub all the parts one by one. Don’t miss any surface, go in and out of each of the parts.

One thing that you must keep in mind is not harming the coating that could be on top of it. If it’s made out of steel then wiping motion is more preferable. You can use mild soap and water mixture to clean the surface. And remember to work with the direction of grain.

If you don’t know what exactly grain is, it’s basically striations on the steel surface. Very tiny, so you might have to give a closer look or wear glasses in case of bad eyesight.

Generally, the orientation of these grains is towards one direction only. And when scrubbing or wiping, one must follow that exact direction.

Many people think working in a circular motion all over the surface with extra force will make it shining and spotless. But that’s a big no as it will probably mess up with coating to end up hurting the integrity of whole rack. And sometimes. It basically ends with horrible scratches.  

What If There’s a Really Tough Stain That Isn’t Getting Off?

Those who are into DIY clean-up tutorials or solutions might already know the answer. It’s basically baking soda! Those who have no idea what I’m talking about, spend some time looking into how to clean dish rack with baking soda and you’ll know.

You basically need to use a liquid detergent or soap available at home and mix it with baking soda. Use the mixture with a sponge and rub on that specific stain only. After some time, it should come off.

Some even use undiluted vinegar for this. You simply need to pour hot water in your sink with that vinegar. And then dip your rack inside to let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash it with regular water and the stain should be gone.

Rinse It Nicely with Clean Water.

Carrying on from the scrubbing or wiping step. So, once you are done targeting all the areas, use clean water to rinse everything. No detergent or soap residue should be left behind.

Make Sure Everything is Dry Before Reassembling Back to Use It.

Get an absorbent fabric and spread all the washed parts on top of it. Let them dry completely. Use water-vinegar solution with a brush to apply on the rack parts. And once again, let everything dry completely. This extra vinegar application will keep your racks away from the nasty molds’ attack for a pretty long time.

Reassemble the rack using manual once again. And store it in a spot of your kitchen that is clean and dry.

Treating Rusty Parts of Your Rack – Here’s How.

The rust on racks usually happens because of coating on top getting damaged. Might be because you have previously done some scrubbing on it that took off that protective layer. Or simply because of some other reason.

Learning how to clean rust dish drying rack might not be enough in some cases. As sometimes the rust keeps on staining the racks making them vulnerable for further use. And ultimately force you to use it as a pot lid organizer that stays hidden inside the cabinets while a new one takes its job.

However, if things are still not that bad, consider washing it once every 3 to 5 days with very gradual hands. So that bacteria build-up ruining the top rust protective layer never takes place.

A Few More Things to Keep in Mind:

Mold build-up can happen for random reasons. And one is keeping dirty towels on the drying rack. Try to change it every day with a freshly washed one.

Learn how to clean dish rack tray as well if there’s one coming with your rack. Also, make sure to get rid of the excess water accumulating on it as soon as dishes are dry.

Use dish drainer pads, also known as dish drying mats. These are great for hand drying your dishes to store them on the rack afterward. Also, you can put a large one beneath the rack to keep everything extra dry. Don’t forget to look into how to clean a dish drying mat as well. Just like the racks, these things also need to be clean. You can use your washer simply for that.

Wrapping Up

And that was pretty much everything about cleaning a simplehuman dish rack or any other dish drainer that you might have. Some of you might be curious about how often should you change your dish rack? Actually, there’s no specific answer to this. As long as the rack seems to work fine and has no huge stain or rust issues going on, keep on using it.

On That Note, I’ll Be Ending it Today. See You Again on Some Other Fun Chat!

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