How to Clean Dish Rack with Vinegar

How to Clean Dish Rack with VinegarDish racks help us organize our kitchen in a convenient way. But they get dirty and stained very easily, as they are in regular contact with unwashed and greasy dishware. To maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen, you should regularly clean your rack.

To regularly clean a dish rack, dish soap is enough. Usually, cleaning agents like this one are ideal for washing racks. But if you have none at your disposal, you can use baking soda or vinegar for cleaning. Besides, diluted acetic acid, aka vinegar is great for removing rust from steel racks. It is also used to get rid of molds from wooden cutting boards.

When to use vinegar for cleaning?

If the stain on the dish rack is hard to remove and it has sticky build-ups on it, then vinegar is preferable to clean it. Or if your rack has accumulated rust in places, follow the vinegar method of removing rust.

How to Clean Dish Rack with Vinegar

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to clean racks of various types with vinegar:

What you will need:

  • Vinegar
  • A big bowl
  • Basin or tub
  • A spray bottle
  • Hot water
  • Scrubber
  • Toothbrush
  • Paper towel and towel

The procedure of cleaning dish rack with vinegar:

For Metal Or Plastic Dish Rack

•At first, you must empty the dish rack

• Fill a big tub or basin with warm water. Warm water will help to remove any sticky build up on the Dish rack.

• Put one cup of vinegar into the warm water.

• Separate all parts of the dish rack.

• Soak all the parts of the dish rack fully into the warm water and vinegar solution for at least thirty minutes. You should check the temperature of the water. If the water becomes cold, it will make all the dirt sit back on the rack again.

• Take a scrubber and scrub the dish rack with force.

• To clean the edges and places where the scrubber cannot reach and where there is the thick and sticky build-up, take a toothbrush and brush at that point vigorously.

Rinse with normal water thoroughly.

• After rinsing, you can dry the racks with a towel or let them air dry, But drying them with a towel immediately will prevent it from getting rust if it’s made of metal.

For Wooden or Bamboo Dish Rack

• Instead of putting the dish rack in a basin, it is recommended to put the solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and to spray it over the dish rack.

• Then, let the dish rack soak the sprayed solution for about fifteen minutes.

• For sticky and thick build-ups, spray vinegar and water solution on a paper towel and put it over the build-up. After fifteen to twenty minutes, the build-up will come off with the paper towel.

• Then follow the same procedure mentioned above.

• For Wooden or bamboo made dish racks, it is recommended to dry them under the sun.

After drying the parts of the dish rack, put it back together for further use.

If you want to know more about how to clean dish rack with vinegar, then watch this video:

Eco-friendly Alternatives

If you’re looking for something more eco-friendly and don’t want to faced regular cleaning, you can go for a dish drying mats.

Final thoughts

Using the above methods, cleaning the dirty drying rack will never again be frustrating. These are just a few of the essential cleaning hacks that can help your kitchen counters to stay clean with a fresh and clean dish drying rack. After reading this article now, you must be sure of how to clean the dish drying mat.

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