6 Best Rust-Proof Dish Rack Reviews | Latest Picks in 2021

Best Rust Proof Dish RackAn in-sink caddy or a countertop dish drying rack is a staple kitchen accessory. You might be able to do without it.

But keeping a dependable storage system for your stunning ceramics will pay off sooner than you think!

Now, the thing with cheap dish drying racks is that they easily bend under the weight and rust fast.

On top of that, if your dish rack doesn’t come with a drip tray, it’s going to leak all over the place.

What you need is the best rust proof dish rack, and we can help you find it!

Here we have six kitchen caddies with removable slots, multiple cups & cutlery holders, and raised ridges.

More often than not, you are going to need all these things at once. And there aren’t many reliable dish drying racks you would trust your expensive silverware with!

6 Best Rustproof Dish Racks in 2021

When it comes to choosing a rustproof dish rack, you have to consider its size, extendable drip tray option, number of slots, materials, and whatnot!

To give you a head-start, we have done the research and rounded up a few cool options. Now, let’s see what we can do about that messy kitchen!

In Hurry!

1. Rottogoon Aluminum Dish Drying Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy aluminum construction with non-slip feet
  • A 180-degree swivel spout and separate drainage holes for all removable compartments
  • Comes with a detachable cutlery holder
  • Large capacity for storing regular utensils

Rottogoon Aluminum Dish Drying RackThis is a sturdy dish rack by the popular kitchenware and sink accessories company Rottogoon. It’s now complete with a handy drainboard and a removable cutlery holder. So, if you want to keep all your regular utensils in one place, this Rottogoon kitchen caddy is a smart option!

To begin with, it’s one of the finest dish racks that don’t rust. After all, a rusty brown caddy is the last thing you want to see in your kitchen, right? We liked how sturdy the whole compartment is- holding full-sized dinner plates, huge coffee mugs, and many more!

On its side, it has a detachable utensil holder that allows you to dry spoons, ladles, and turners with ease. Besides, not all dinnerware items will dry at the same pace. So, it’s always convenient to have separate slots for different utensils.

Moving on, the rack stands solid on its four rubber feet. Let’s not forget about the adjustable water spout that drains water into the sink. You can detach the cutlery holder if you already have one of those standalone wooden holders for a more simplified look.

What’s more, Rottogoon actually pre-coated the cup holders so that your cups stay protected from scratches and scuffs!

Overall, the caddy has enough compartments for drying and storing your day-to-day utensils. You can finally give your shelves some rest and stop rooting about in a messy bundle of glasses and ceramics.

Talk about another dish rack that takes saving counter space so seriously!

However, it’s a compact dish rack for plates, glasses, and daily cutlery only. You won’t be able to keep saucepans and griddle pans here.

2. HabiLife Never Rust Dish Drying Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Raised ridges on all 4 sides for extra support
  • Different slots for all types of utensils
  • The flatware stays well-supported in between the ribs
  • Ideal for countertop applications

2 2. HabiLife Never Rust Dish Drying RackIf you like to play with contrasting colors in your kitchen and want a tidy solution for your dinnerware, you’re going to love this HabiLife dish rack. It has a matte black drainer board with silver slots. Now available in four colors, this kitchen caddy is one of those rare accessories you find in rose gold!

Storing utensils of different sizes and shapes isn’t easy. After washing the dishes, you can’t really put them back on the shelf. Let them dry on the countertop, and watch how they wet the whole space.

Only a great dish rack can save you from the trouble. And when it’s an aesthetic caddy from HabiLife, you can return to a perfectly organized kitchen every time! For example, this one has plenty of slots for flatware for a small family. You also get a removable drip tray and cutlery holder to take your space-saving game to the next level.

It runs 16.5 inches long and almost 12 inches wide. So, it’s going to take just a little bit of your counter space. Besides, with a height of only 5.7 inches, this HabiLife dish rack blends beautifully with any kitchen decor.

Lastly, the 180-degree swivel water spout goes the extra mile in directing water where it belongs (the sink!). That’s it; no more water on the countertop that leaks into your cutting board and fruit display. Get the best non-rusting dish rack by HabiLife, and thank us later!

3. Joseph Joseph Stainless-Steel Extendable Dish Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Extendable drip tray for saving counter space
  • Comes with a chopping board holder
  • Non-scratch slots for drying fragile ceramics
  • The removable cutlery holder has drainage holes and a knife slot

3. 3. Joseph Joseph Stainless-Steel Extendable Dish RackFeaturing a minimalistic design with a clever storage solution, the Joseph Joseph dish rack ticks all the boxes for us. What can we say- it’s sturdy, rustproof, and comes with a chopping board rail! For a small family of four, you don’t get a dish rack that does the job better!

Let’s face it; any kitchen countertop looks incomplete without your coffee station, jars of spices and oils, and fruit baskets. A whopping dish rack, however practical it is, can look massively out-of-place. Lucky for you, Joseph Joseph is one of the very few brands that did not go overboard with their caddies.

This is the best stainless steel dish rack on our list that comes with a chopping board holder. We haven’t found this feature in a lot of kitchen caddies to begin with. Its simple and elegant design makes the dish rack a timeless wedding present.

What we found unique about this caddy is its raised steel borders and feet. It supports your flatware and mugs from all four sides. This way, everything looks virtually aligned and organized. The bottom drawer stays below the flatware compartment. You can draw it out if you have some cups and mugs to dry, and slide it back in after you’re done!

As you can see, it’s not your average dish racks with tender steel rails. If you’re not on board with the 60-dollar price tag, you can go for the plastic version of this remarkable kitchen caddy. It comes in a pretty white/green color combo and keeps your kitchen tidy the same!

4. Sabatier Expandable Stainless Steel Dish Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Vinyl-coated wires for protecting flatware and glass surface
  • The pullout drip tray keeps the countertop dry at all times
  • Includes 4 stemware holder, and a flatware caddy with handles
  • The drainboard can serve as an additional compartment

4. 4. Sabatier Expandable Stainless Steel Dish RackAt some point in your cutlery shopping, you have surely come across a stunning Sabatier. The French brand is well-known for its premium cookware collection. We have high hopes about their dish racks. And so far, we have not been disappointed!

You can consider this Sabatier dish caddy the bigger version of the previous Joseph Joseph. Featuring an expandable drainboard that doubles as a cup holder, this Sabatier product has everything you need in a small kitchen rack!

There are 8 slots for your plates and 1 for your frying pan. You will also find 6 tines and a removable caddy for extra flatware. What’s more, there are handles on the two sides of the caddy so that you can transfer all your dried flatware at one go!

That’s not all. In fact, we are only getting started! Its detachable stemware holder helps you dry large beverage glasses. Pull out the drainboard from below; it will sit right under the hanging glasses and catch all the drips. How convenient is that?

Speaking of convenience, you can turn its bidirectional spout to the left or to the right. Wherever your kitchen sink is located, the collected water from your flatwares will flow into the sink every time!

Additionally, the drip tray makes sure that the hanging mugs and glasses don’t wet your kitchen counter space. Its vinyl-coated wires were a nice touch considering some steel caddies actually leave scratches on delicate dinnerware.

5. OXO Good Grips Rustproof Aluminum Dish Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Two-step water drainage system for fast drying
  • Not prone to mold growth and rust
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame for better stability
  • Easy to clean, thus maintenance takes less time

5 5. OXO Good Grips Rustproof Aluminum Dish RackPlastic dish racks work fine, but it’s the rust-proof aluminum caddies that can take a hit. Flatwares, as a whole, are surprisingly heavy. Throw in a few oversized coffee mugs, and see the weight double up in no time.

If that’s the case, a feeble rack will do you more harm than good. That’s why we trust the OXO dish rack for storing our precious dinnerware sets. It has raised ridges like the Joseph Joseph dish drying rack we reviewed a while ago. Except for this time, OXO made it a two-tiered ridge with the strength of heavy-duty aluminum! 

Since the plate holders are placed vertically in a serial, your flatware will not touch one another. Additionally, if you’re going for a simple caddy, you will love its silver unicolor body. The same sturdy aluminum frame is used throughout its overall construction. So, the rack is strong from all sides.

You can detach the utensil cup when you don’t need it and snap it back on. Cleaning the rack is a simple job as well. Turns out, decluttering those overloaded kitchen shelves requires nothing more than a compact dish rack from OXO.

6. 1Easylife Dish Drainer for Kitchen

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for smaller kitchen spaces and compact countertops
  • Thick steel frame with softly arched corners
  • Includes 3 cup holders, and a 180-degree swivel spout
  • The utensil holder comes with drain holes at the bottom

6 6. 1Easylife Dish Drainer for KitchenSometimes an inexpensive dish drainer is all you need for decluttering your kitchen once and for all. 1Easylife has something that will help you along the journey and protect your precious ceramics from getting damaged.

We are talking about their brand-new dish drying caddy that comes at a super reasonable price. You get an adjustable water spout, a drip tray, a cutlery holder, and tines- all perfectly organized in a 15″ ×11″×8″ size.

It has everything you can find in a high-end dish drainer. Since it’s made of plastic, it’s not going to rust. It sure is the best non rusting dish rack that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you’re working with small counter space. Given its compact size, the caddy is good to go in an RV kitchen as well!

We would have liked a couple more cup holders, though. But there’s a flat area right beside the flatware-holding ribs. You can store additional cups and glasses upside down in that compartment.

As long as your utensils are well within the drip tray’s coverage, all the water will be discharged into the sink. Thanks to the water spout, of course!

We have saved the cool part for the last! The removable utensil holder that you get with the pack comes with small drain holes at the bottom.

It’s a helpful feature considering every part of the dish rack now drains water. No other dish drying rack will dry kitchenware as fast as this one. And it’s only a small plastic rack. Remember when they said- good things come in small packages?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to clean my kitchen dish drying rack safely?

It’s safe to wash your dish rack in the sink. For this, you need to fill your sink with enough water to fully submerge the rack. Add a cup of vinegar to the water so that any grease and dirt get easily dissolved. Use a brush to scrub at any visible build-up, and wash with plain water. Let it dry for two hours.

2. Why is my dish rack leaking water?

A countertop dish rack should have a detachable drip tray to catch water from newly-washed utensils.

Make sure that the tray is inserted properly and the spout is discharging water into the sink. If the direction of the spout is towards the countertop, your dish rack can’t discharge water.

3. Can I put a steel dish rack into the dishwasher?

You can clean your steel or plastic dish rack inside the dishwasher. It’s a convenient process because you can’t manually reach between all the ribs and corners evenly. But a dishwasher can! Clean your dish racks regularly to prevent stains, and mold growth.

4. Is the Sabatier dish drying rack any good?

The Sabatier caddy is the best stainless steel dish rack for its pullout drip tray, generous flatware slots, and a convenient stemware holder! It includes an extra-large slot for drying a frying pan. There’s a removable secondary caddy that comes with handles. It allows you to transfer the dried plates and utensils to the shelves.

5. How to prevent my dish rack from rusting?

Since dish racks are exposed to water and moisture every day, they are very prone to developing thin yet permanent films of rust.

If it’s in good shape, disassemble and scrub each compartment with a strong cleaning agent. Rinse the steel caddy well, and leave it to dry. Wash the rack with vinegar if it already appears brownish and rusted.

Final Words

Dish racks come in all shapes and sizes, but only the best rust proof dish rack will have everything you need! Rustproof dish racks can save so much of your time by draining water from your utensils and storing them safely. While a small caddy is more desirable in small kitchen spaces, make sure that it’s at least big enough for holding your daily flatware and glasses. Best of luck!

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