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Your kitchen is the most important part of your house. Because that’s where all the magic happens. But managing a kitchen is not easy at all, especially with so many instruments, liquids, etc. floating around. While regular kitchen chores such as cleaning and maintaining dishes might seem like nothing special until you start working in a kitchen. As most kitchen spaces are small and your utensils need to be cleaned, dried and then stored to make sure they don’t get damaged in the test of time. Thus, spending a bit in getting the best dishwasher rack would be a lot helpful in the long run.

The market for kitchen appliances is huge. Thus when you’re looking for a dishwasher rack, you’d get a lot of products of different varieties. Not all of which live up to the expectation or hype. Thus, you might eventually end up spending more money on a lost cause. If you’re looking for the best dishwasher rack, look no further. Presenting Professional Over The Sink Dish Rack made specially by PremiumRacks. One of the best dishwasher racks in the business without question.

Product description:

best dishwasher rack

best dish drying rack for small spaces

PremiumRacks stands on its own principals. Useful, sturdy and long time. It’s definitely something that’s supposed to last for a long time and the user reviews speak for itself. The Professional Over The Sink Dish Rack is definitely the same kind considering how sturdy and high quality it’s build is. Made of nano-coated steel that can hold upto 150lbs of the product with a lot of customizable options to make sure you get exactly what you need instead of useless bits here and there. If you need something to take care of everything in your kitchen, this is definitely something to invest your money into.


Dimensions and weight:

weights 7.5 pounds with a product dimension of 33.8 x 10 x 24.2 inches. Sized good enough to fit into most sinks


The product comes with 3 separate side attachments and 2 racks that can be changed even after purchase. Thus allowing you to pick and choose what you need and make the best use of it in the process. Also, with the option to customize based on need, it saves the hassle of buying a number of products of a similar kind as buying only one product suffices the job.


One of its major advantages is that it is multifunctional. Its use is not limited to just that of a dishwasher rack. It can be used to dry off your dishes, while it can be used as a rack to store your plates and other utensils. Also, as no residue comes off the material, you can use it to store vegetables and fruits or use the rack to dry them off. Overall, you can use it for anything your kitchen needs, making it one of the most versatile dishwasher racks out there.


it’s made of nano-coated steel so it can hold a lot more than any average dishwasher rack while being very lightweight. Thus, it removes a bulky look from your kitchen and merges with the remaining appliances very well. Also, proven to hold over 150lbs of weight. Also, it isn’t supposed to be damaged by water or other materials in water as it has successfully passed a 24-hour salt test.
Design aesthetics: A very slick, sturdy design with simple metallic colors that not only looks good but can fit into any kitchen design aesthetic very easily.


  • Very strong, sturdy with an effortlessly thin design and simple metallic color that fits into any design aesthetic effortlessly
  • Customizable to the user’s choice with a number of additional holders and racks that can be attached and removed according to the user’s needs.
  • Nano coated steel to make it stronger and sturdier Not too bulky or heavyweight so can be used and stored very easily
  • Can hold upto 150lbs so removes the chance of using too many racks here and there.
  • Considering the quality, very affordable compared to other products of similar quality


  • The looks might not be likable for everyone.
  • A bit rough manufacturing complaints. Although the faulty ones are replaced as soon as the complaint is made
  • Might not fit into every counter type

Frequently asked questions:

Is this rack meant to air dry dishes over the sink? If so, does it leave water along the countertop
Ans: If you put it on top of the sink, then the water drops directly under the sink so no wet countertop issues. Also, you can choose to use a mat underneath to absorb the water.

Is this rack fully built or does it come in pieces to be built?
Ans: It comes in pieces. The sides are each one piece, and there are three separate tubes that connect the two side pieces. Assembly just requires attaching the tubes with screws. The top “rack” part of the silverware holder are assembled and simply hook onto the rack. The assembly is very easy and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to do so.

My kitchen is an open layout would I need a wall behind the rack for it to not tip over?
ans: it’s very sturdy, so it won’t need a wall for support. However, it’s eye level to it might block your view to the other end of the room. Overall, it’s strong enough to hold itself.

What exactly is “nano-coated steel”, what elements does it carry? Does it have cobalt? Are there any health risks like inhalable nanoparticles?

ans: Reply from the seller;
“Nano coated steel is a coating made of nano-materials. We use this nano-engineered coating to drastically improve the durability as well as prevent corrosion and rust. The coating is made with lead, mercury, cadmium and epoxy resin. In line with environmental requirements, this coating does have not have any health risks. Again, we use this coating because of its strength and because it can work in all kinds of harsh environments. It’s extremely resistant to salty environments (coastal areas) and will not show any signs of rust.”

Working in a kitchen is not so easy, especially with instruments that are prone to rusting and damage. Thus a good dishwasher rack does you a world of good. And, what we have is one of the most versatile, sturdy and in short the best dishwasher rack by a mile. Definitely something to spend your money behind as it won’t leave a mark in your pocket either.


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