Best dish rack for small kitchens

best dish rack for small kitchen


A small kitchen isn’t always a blessing, it can be very problematic to take care of, especially if the household is packed. Also, while in traveling, tents, RV’s, etc. a small kitchen can be a hassle. But when times get problematic, we need to make the best use of whatever we have, thus being wise in selecting the kitchen wares is very necessary. Especially, if you have a lot of dishes to take care of.

Even though dish racks are often underrated, having a good one is a blessing in a disguise. Thus we suggest you use the best dish rack for small kitchens. Now, there are so many companies with so many products each claiming theirs to be the best of the lot. Thus, we’ve looked into every single one of them, and we present the best dish rack for small kitchens out there; the Collapsible Drying Dish Storage Rack Portable Dinnerware Organizer from LLygezze

best dish rack for small kitchen

best dish drying rack for small spaces


LLygezze is a company that takes a lot of care in their products. They take the time and effort to give the customers something worth their money. From their backpacks to kitchen appliances, everything is made with the utmost care. From the design to the utility, everything works just perfect. Thus, their collapsible drying dish storage rack is something absolutely worth it. Made out of silicon, it’s very flexible and safe from any discrepancies. But, there are a number of holders, sections, etc. that hold everything very nicely making good use of the space. It has a number of pop-ups, storage sections, cabinets, etc. to make up for everything. It’s utility and flexibility make it one of the best dish rack for small kitchens.

Important features:

Some of the core features which make this the best dish rack for small kitchens are:

  • Dimensions: 14.2 L x 12.4W x 1.1 H in; while 14.2 L x 12.4 W x 5.0 H in when expanded
  • Made out of food grade silicone and other eco-friendly materials
  • Different pop-ups which are collapsible, thus used whenever necessary.
  • Separate storage area for utensils and kitchen gadgets
  • 4 different compartments to organize different utensils
  • Weighs around 1.25 pounds

Pros and cons:


  • Made out of food grade silicone and eco-friendly materials. Making it completely free from BPA or any other health hazards.
  • Small in size, but very sturdy and flexible, thus ensuring longevity.
  • Priced very low, thus very affordable for every household without leaving a mark on their pockets.
  • Small, so can be stored in a corner when not in use to save space in what might be an already small kitchen. Also, can be rolled up when not used.
  • Pop up utensil holder which can hold utensils and can be collapsed when necessary to save important storage.
  • Separate area for silverware, gadgets and kitchen tools for making good use of the kitchen space making it one of the best dish rack for small kitchens.
  • Comes with a drain board that can be used separately as well if necessary
  • Silicone grips added to prevent the product from falling or slipping from the wet sink
  • Very easy to clean (dishwasher safe).
  • Coloured grey to fit into most design aesthetics.
  • Can also be used as a temporary drying rack for vegetables and fruits


  • Might be too small for large households
  • Measurements of sink and counters should be made carefully before purchasing to make good use of the kitchen space.

Frequently asked questions and answers:


  • Question: How to keep this clean?


Ans: Cleaning this is very easy, as it is dishwasher safe, you can put it in the dishwasher to clean. Also, you can apply dish soap on a sponge and clean this up very easily.


  • Question: What does this mean in your notes? ” Cleaning the oils or watermark to prevent any water dripping from your dishes or foods. “


Ans: Basically, they are reminding buyers that you have to clean stainless steel from time to time to prevent water marks and that you should not have food under the rack when it is in use. However, it is very easy to clean and rolled up when not in use, so it can be used for a long time if taken care of.


  • Question: Is this a true 18 inches?


Ans: Regarding its size, the seller says:

Since it is measured by manual work when production, there may be a difference of about 0.1-0.3 inch. So its true length is about 17.7inches-18.3inches


  • Question: is it possible to pop off the silicone end caps, cut the rods and replace the cap. I’m thinking about customizing the size for my needs?


Ans: might be a bit complicated, but it’s possible. Once the edges are cut smooth, the caps can be put back. But measurements should be taken very carefully and also the cutting should be done with sufficient precaution.


Having a small kitchen isn’t easy, but we have to find our ways to make the best of it. Thus, having a good kitchen appliance can make every process simpler and more enjoyable. thus we urge on choosing the best dish rack for small kitchens. It’s not always that the most expensive product is the best, but rather the ease of using and the features it has. Thus, we took everything into account when deciding the best dish rack for small kitchens.

Finally, what we decided upon is the Collapsible Drying Dish Storage Rack Portable Dinnerware Organizer. It’s small, sturdy, rustic and good looking, made out of the best products, it definitely serves the purpose right. If kitchen space is a concern, this is definitely the best dish rack for small kitchens. Also, it’s very cheap and useful, definitely worth the money and if taken care of, this can last a very long time.


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