Best Dish Drying Mats Reviews in 2021 – Top 10 Picks

Best Dish Drying MatsDish drying mats are something every kitchen should have. They’re fairly cheap, can fit into any kitchen design aesthetic, easy to clean, and save you from a lot of spills and wastes. Besides, most kitchens have something that can’t be put in the dishwasher. While dish drying racks with drainer boards are more advantageous, dish mats come in handy when your rack is full, or if you have a rack without a water tray.

Not so interested in drying mats? Then check out these countertop or over-the-sink dish racks instead.

Best Dish Drying Mats Reviews in 2021

With so many products available out there, it’s very easy for you to spend big on the wrong choice. In this article, we review all the popular products to ensure that you buy the very best dish drying mat in the market:

1. Tortuga Home Goods XXL Dish Mat 23 x 18

Tortuga Home Goods XXL Dish Mat

Tortuga is a Family owned company that designs kitchen products. The company specializes in producing mats: from service mats to doormats to dish mats, you name it.

This extra-large dish drying mat is produced from silicone. It has high ridges equally spread around the surface, which allows it to drip and store excess water underneath. Additionally, these ridges are cleverly designed for air-drying kitchenware; they ensure proper airflow while maintaining stability.

Because it’s made of silicone, it’s waterproof. So if you own an in-sink stainless steel rack like this one from iPEGTOP, you can put it over this mat. The mat will collect the dripped water and keep the counter fully dry.

The silicone used is antimicrobial and FDA approved, according to the manufacturer. Besides, it’s sanitary because it doesn’t absorb anything. The mat also comes with a free cleaning sponge. You can choose from three available colors: Grey, Black, White.

Notable Features:

  • This XXL mat measures 23″ x 18″. It’s designed to perfectly sit on conventional counters without overhanging. Being large in size, it’s useful for drying big pans and pots, or if you have a big countertop rack.
  • The tall solid ridges will hold your kitchenware above the dripped water. The ridges also maximize airflow around the mat.
  • The dish mat is made of silicone, which is water-proof and anti-bacterial. It’s heat resistant up to 450 degrees, so you can use it for cooling as well.


  • Collects dripped water instead of absorbing.
  • Easier to clean and sanitize.
  • Large in size, good for 24″ or longer counters.
  • Water-proof, dishwasher safe.
  • The ridged design ensures airflow and stability.
  • Heat resistant (up to 450 degrees).


  • Doesn’t have a channel to drop extra water.
  • Accumulates crumbs from plates.
  • Not suitable for smaller counters (< 24″).

2. OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat

OXO Good Grips Large Silicone dish Drying Mat

OXO is a renowned name in the kitchen appliances market. They’re dedicated to perfecting the use and production of kitchenware. From kitchen mats to dish drying racks, they’re determined to bring you the best possible products. Therefore, the Good Grips large silicone drying mat is everything you’d expect from a good dish drying mat. Useful and efficient yet cheap: it’s one of the best dish drying mats in the business.

The Oxo Good Grips mat is quite similar to the Tortuga XXL mat we reviewed earlier. But Tortuga drying mat is 23″ and isn’t a good fit for smaller counters. This one from OXO is 17″, which is perfect for counters less than 24″ in width.

This rubber dish mat would be a good choice too if you worry about sanitization, cleanliness, and safety. Besides, the mat is produced in an eco-friendly process to minimize footprint. OXO also donates 1% of its profit annually to support environmental non-profits.

Notable Features:

  • The mat measures 16.8″ x 12.5″. It’ll perfectly fit on 18″ counters. It can fit pans and silverware almost as big as 12″.
  • The ridged design allows maximum air-flow, while also keeping dishes and bowls separate from dripped water underneath.
  • Made of non-slip silicone material, it’s water-proof and dishwasher safe.
  • It can also work as a trivet, it can withstand heat up to 450 degrees.


  • Water-proof, dishwasher safe.
  • The ridged design allows proper air circulation.
  • Heat resistant.


  • Does not radiate heat efficiently, so gets hot quickly when used as a hot-pad.
  • No mechanism to channel dripped water into the sink.
  • The Ridges accumulate dirt quickly.

3. All-Clad Textiles Reversible Fast-Drying Mat

All-Clad Textiles Reversible Fast-Drying Mat

All-Clad is mainly a cookware company. They recently partnered with John Ritzenthaler Inc, which is an expert at textile materials. Together they are making high-quality textiles such as kitchen towels and drying mats to complement your kitchen.

This microfiber mat from all-clad is one of our “people’s choices”. Its popularity on amazon speaks on its behalf. It’s a microfiber mat designed to absorb dripped water efficiently. It’s reversible so you can utilize both surfaces of the mat.

The mat comes in 6 colors to match perfectly with your kitchen.

Notable Features:

  • It measures 28″ x 16″. It’s best suited for 30″ or larger counters, but it’s foldable for use on smaller counters. Being large, It can hold even the biggest pots and pans with ease.
  • The mat is made with 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, which makes it super absorbent.
  • The two surfaces are made with a different set of fibers, one side of the mat is made with a polyester mesh that is perfect for drying glassware as it helps eliminate condensation and fog inside; the other side is a plush pile microfiber which acts as a cushion for dry dishes and cookware.
  • Comes in 6 different colors: Black, Cappuccino, Chili, Pewter, Rainfall, Titanium.


  • High-quality, super-absorbent textile product.
  • Can be folded to fit small and large counters.
  • Machine washable, easy to clean, and dry.
  • Two-sided reversible design.


  • Color might bleed.

4. mDesign Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

mdesign Kitchen Countertop Absorbent Mat - Pack of 2

This microfiber mat from mDesign is a modern and functional rendition of an otherwise average dish drying mat. It provides a lot of functionality and is one of the best mats of its kind. It has two usable sides each performing a separate function on its own. It’s also very large and can be used in multiple places within the kitchen.

The mat comes in pairs from mDesign. Considering its versatility, popularity, and cheaper price, it’s definitely something you can buy.

Notable Features:

  • Each of the two mats measures 18″ x 16″. They’ll fit most large pans or small dish racks easily.
  • They’re made from microfiber with high absorbency, in a 3-ply design that provides a soft, cushioned drying surface to protect dishes, glassware, flatware, and your countertop.
  • The mat is reversible for dual-use and optimal performance. It’s got polyester mesh on one side, and terry cloth on the other. The Mesh side of the mat reduces condensation and increases airflow; and the microfiber terry cloth on the other side absorbs water quickly.
  • Its two-sided design allows air to flow and water to evaporate quickly, therefore it will dry your cookware faster and keep the countertop clean.
  • It folds to save space when not in use and can be carried easily.


  • Great for Glassware and ceramicware.
  • Comes in pairs.
  • The two-sided design ensures optimal performance.


  • Slightly thinner.
  • The Terry cloth might stop being functional after a while.

5. The Original Dish Drying Mat XL

The Original Dish Drying Mat XL

Simple, functional, efficient: that’s The Original Dish Drying Mat in very simple words. This mat isn’t very fancy or stylish-looking, but it does its job perfectly. It’s one of the best options if you aren’t looking for specific brands, and only care about functionality.

This extra-large mat is reversible and two-sided like the previous ones. But it’s thicker and can absorb more water than thinner ones. Although expensive than the other ones we reviewed so far, it works great and would be a great addition to your kitchen.

Notable Features:

  • The mat measures 18″ x 24″. Its size allows it to store a lot of dishware and accommodate large cookware easily. It weighs .55 pounds, which is relatively heavier. It’s also one of the thickest mats available.
  • It’s made with absorbent microfiber, which can absorb water equivalent to 4 times its own weight.
  • Its intelligent two-sided design enables versatile use. One side cushions for delicate dishes and stemware. The other one absorbs water quickly for faster drying.


  • Half an inch thick.
  • Has attached hooks for hanging.
  • Doesn’t spill.


  • Large and thick, can’t be folded properly to fit on smaller counters.
  • Overpriced compared to similar products.

6. XXL Microfiber Dish Drying Mat By Bellemain

XXL Microfiber Mat By Bellemain

French for “beautiful hand”, Bellemain represents the very best kitchen appliances and tools at exceptional values. Before they even begin designing a product, they research the most popular features of models already on the market, add a few innovations of their own, and merge them all together to create the ultimate in function, style, and customer appeal.

This Super Absorbent XXL dish mat is by far their best drying mat. It looks stylish, works well, and can handle a lot of cookware and utensils. In short, it offers all the premium features at less cost.

With more than 3K happy customers, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a mat.

Notable Features:

  • The dimension of the mat is 24″ x 17â€. Most dish-drying mats are too small to hold your big pots and pans. But Bellemain’s extra-large dish mat is designed to take up nearly 40% more space than the typical mat.
  • It’s one of the thickest mats in the market with enhanced drying features. Its innovative honeycomb microfiber structure enhances absorption and quickens drying time.
  • It’s reversible and has a 3-PLY design. The gentle microfibre and flexible foam cushions delicate dishes and stemware from chipping or cracking, while simultaneously protecting your countertops from moisture, scuffs, and other damage.
  • The Bellemain Dish Drying Mat is completely dishwasher safe. It’s has a flexible core that doesn’t weaken from machine wash. And it neatly rolls up when not in use, keeping busy kitchens clutter-free.


  • Superbly stylish.
  • 3-PLY Construction, reversible design.
  • Laminate foam core resists odors.
  • Neatly rolls up when not in use.


  • The mat itself takes a long time to dry.

7. S&T INC. 497401 Dish Drying Mat

S&T INC. 497401 Dish Mat

S & T Inc. doesn’t fear thoughtful and experimental designs. Their innovative, high-value, superior-quality mats have placed them as the leading dish mat manufacturer in the market.

This Dish Drying Mat from S&T Inc. does everything that a mat should do and more. The quality and durability of the mat are top-notch. Furthermore, the mat has multiple uses. It can be placed under your dish rack if it sits on the counter and doesn’t have a drainer spout. You could air-dry your kitchenware by putting them on the mat.

With over 11k+ positive feedbacks, It’s the #1 best seller in the dish drying mats section on amazon. Coupled with the cheaper price tag, it’s a good bargain for anybody.

Notable Features:

  • The mat measures 18 Inches x 16 Inches in dimension. It’s a suitable choice for counters smaller than 20 inches.
  • It absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water and radiates moisture from point of origin to dry kitchenware faster.
  • It cushions delicate dishes and stemware and is reversible for dual-use.
  • It’s machine washable; just toss it in your washer when it’s time for a refresh.


  • Comes in 24 unique designs and colors.
  • Very durable.
  • Reversible design.
  • Affordable.


  • Susceptible to mold.

8. Envision Home 432801 Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Envision Home 432801 Microfiber Mat

Yet another awesome product from the same people! Envision’s parent company, Schroeder & Tremayne aka S&T Inc. has been in the market for almost 100 years; the company focuses on making something that functions in more than just one department. Its dish drying mats are no exception, to say the least.

The microfiber dish drying mat from Envision is something that you’d find useful in every possible way. They have adopted a very unique process for their mat that involves a foam base with a microfiber ensemble that makes its design something special. It’s unique and efficient, the qualities that a good dish drying mat should possess.

Notable features:

  • The mat measures 18″ x 24″ and is suitable for 24″ counters. It weighs .4 pounds. The larger size is perfect for bigger pots and pans when extra drying space is required.
  • Made with absorbent microfiber fabric fused with a central foam layer. It can absorb water up to 4 times its own weight.
  • the mat is reversible, you can use both sides when necessary.


  • Highly Trusted Brand.
  • Durable and machine washable.
  • Innovative layered design.
  • Two-sided mat: Cushions as well as absorbs.


  • A few users reported low absorption and longer drying time.
  • The fabric might shred over time.

9. Kitchen Basics XL Microfiber Dish Mat

Kitchen Basics XL Microfiber Dish Mat

You might be looking for something that’s more than just an average dish drying mat, something that isn’t fancy yet complements your kitchen decor perfectly. If that’s the case, Kitchen Basics is your savior!

This XL microfiber Dish drying mat is made with just about sufficient love and care for the product, to make your life better. It’s a simple, good-looking but surprisingly effective product. On top of that, it’s cheap. So it’s definitely something you want to check out.

Notable Features:

  • The dimensions of the mat are 18″ x 24″.
  • It’s made out of 100% polyester and imported products.
  • It can absorb 4 times its weight in water.
  • The mat is machine-friendly, but you should wash it separately in the dishwasher.
  • It’s reversible and both sides can be used. It’s also foldable for easy storage.


  • Simple yet classy.
  • thinner yet absorbs efficiently.
  • Machine washable.
  • Cushions delicate dishwares.
  • Protects the kitchen counter from scratches.


  • Gets moldy if not cleaned well.
  • The mat itself doesn’t dry quickly.

10. Norpro 18 by 16-Inch Microfiber Dish Mat

Norpro 18 by 16-Inch Microfiber , Gray

Norpro is another company with a vision to design, manufacture and supply the highest caliber kitchenware. Their Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is the perfect solution for every kitchen countertop.

There’s really nothing new we could say about this product. It’s made of microfiber, absorbs well, two-sided, and machine friendly. If you’ve used any product from Norpro and love their design, this one can be a great option.

Notable Features:

  • This super-absorbent dish mat measures 16″ x 18″.
  • It’s Ideal to replace dish towels on the counter when handwashing pots, pans, dishes, glassware, and cutlery.
  • It’s made of two microfibre layers fused with a foam layer core.
  • The mat provides a cushion for delicate dishes and stemware and absorbs water for fast drying.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Has a hangtag for hanging.


  • Slightly overpriced compared to other products in the market.

How to take care of your dish mat

Now that you’ve found your perfect dish mat, learn how to take care of it:


You might think of dish mats to be something useless, but if you have worked in the kitchen for long hours, you know how important this thing is. And you don’t necessarily need something that stands out or fits your kitchen design. You need something that does its job properly and is going to last long. But still, aesthetics has its values; so we tried to mix both criteria and balanced them out to find the dish drying mats you’d love.

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