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Best Dish Drainer Countertop

Your counter is one of the most important places in the kitchen. And if you’re like me, you’d want to keep it clean and everything on it organized. And a good countertop rack can help you achieve just that. A dish rack will keep all your dishes and kitchenware clean and organized. If it has a drainer tray, it’ll also keep your counter dry by collecting dripped water from dishes. A well-designed rack in reality frees up space on the counter instead of filling it up.

In this article, our experts picked the best countertop racks from amazon and reviewed them in terms of functionality, popularity, and ease of use.

Best Dish Drainer Countertop Details Reviews

1. PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack

Premium Racks Professional Drying Rack

PremiumRacks is a US-based company that specializes in making kitchen racks. If functionality and convenience of use are among your top priorities, then it might be the best pick for you. This multi-functional rack is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has an extremely customizable and flexible design that allows users to store different sets of utensils.

Instead of jamming the kitchen counter, the rack’s intelligently designed to use vertical space. This way, it can store more kitchenwares while taking up less area on the countertop. The steel used is strong and corrosion-free and provides very good support and stability even when the rack is carrying full weight.

Key Features:

  • The rack measures 17.5 x 13.9 x 6 inches and weighs 4.41 Pounds.
  • It’s made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. SUS304 is a military-grade steel alloy; it’s durable and completely rustproof.
  • The rack’s highly customizable. It comes with two different style drainboards, a microfiber mat, three separate cup holder attachments & a cutting board attachment that can be placed at your choosing.
  • The plate rack is positioned high above on a separate row, which leaves the bottom layer free for pans and bowls.
  • It comes with side drainboards that can be attached under the glass holders. This collects dripped water from glasswares to keep the counter fully dry.
  • The rack’s built to be strong and sturdy. It can hold a lot of weight despite being 2-tiered.


  • Modular construction.
  • Strong base for stability.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Large storage space.
  • Takes up less space on the counter.


  • No additional cup clips.
  • Assembling and customizing may be a bit difficult.

2. Simplehuman Kitchen Dish Drying Rack

Simplehuman Countertop Dish Drying Rack

Stylish, convenient, and easy to use – that’s 3 words to fully describe this masterpiece. This awesome countertop rack from simplehuman has everything to meet an average customer’s needs. Besides, the popularity of its older 2020 variant on amazon speaks on its behalf!

This designer dish rack is made of premium stainless steel. The hydrophilic coating on the plastic tray causes water to spread so that it dries more quickly and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus on the dish rack. It will thus keep your dishware hygienic and ensure a healthy environment in your kitchen.

In Simplehuman Dish Drying Rack There are three separate spaces alongside the dish holder to put your kitchenware separately. There is a space for keeping knives, spoons, and other cutlery. A fountain chamber is available where you can keep cups, plates, dishes, etc. There is also a nice glass hanger on one side for your wine glasses.

Key Features:

  • The rack measures 21 x 15.25 x 8 inches. It weighs approximately 9 Pounds.
  • It’s made of high-quality stainless steel, which is rustproof and durable.
  • It has an innovative drainage system that includes an integrated drip tray with a swivel spout. The spout pivots downwards to keep water flowing directly into the sink, not onto the countertop.
  • The unique silicone capped wire rack holds plates tightly without scratching or chipping.
  • The rack also features an integrated wine glass rack; it can hold up to 4 extra-large Bordeaux wine glasses.
  • The divided utensil holder keeps utensils neat and organized.
  • Its fingerprint-proof steel frame resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.


  • Superbly stylish.
  • Fast draining and dying.
  • Durable, long-lasting.
  • Fingerprint-proof finish.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • A little bit overpriced but worthy.
  • Takes a large space relatively.
  • Requires frequent cleaning.

3. Joseph Joseph Stainless-Steel Extendable Dish Rack

3. 3. Joseph Joseph Stainless-Steel Extendable Dish Rack

This classy countertop rack is from Joseph Joseph, a company renowned for its simple yet functional designs. This large rack is made of rustproof stainless steel and plastic. Its half-split body can be extended to make room when necessary, or you can keep it contracted for more space on the counter.

One portion of the split body is generously equipped with holder racks, where you can put all your dishes, cups, and mugs. The other half, when expanded, makes space for your pans and pots. The draining spout has three different positions so that it can be moved to the sides depending on your counter setup. All the metallic parts have been made to be non-scratching, so it won’t damage the counter or delicate dishware.

Key Features:

  • It measures 14″ x 12″ when retracted. When expanded, it’s length can increase up to 20″.
  • It weighs approximately 4.8 pounds.
  • The extendable body can make room for larger cookware.
  • The rack sports a large number of holder racks, which can hold a lot of dishware and glassware.
  • The adjustable draining spout can be moved to the sides according to your needs.
  • It has a movable cutlery holder, which can be removed or moved to free up space when you need it.


  • Simple yet stylish.
  • Expandable.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Raised ribs to ensure water doesn’t drip outside.
  • Multiple drain positions.


  • Spikes don’t hold larger cups well.
  • Doesn’t have color options.

4. KitchenAid Full Size Countertop Dish Rack

KitchenAid Full Size Countertop Dish Rack

KitchenAid has everything you need to whip up your favorite sweet or savory recipes. With a complete line of tools and gadgets, KitchenAid will make the most beginner baker feel like a professional. And this stylish and multi-functional rack truly reflects their goal.

This designer countertop rack is made of high-quality stainless steel and plastic. It keeps everything organized and uses counter space efficiently. Despite its modest size, it can easily accommodate large pans and dishware. Its inclined drainboard with a swivel spot flows water directly onto the sink for a drip-free counter.

The rack comes with limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features:

  • The rack measures 20.08 x 14.96 x 6.69 inches. it weighs approximately 6.5 pounds.
  • It’s made from premium stainless steel, which makes the rack strong and durable.
  • Its heavy-duty, satin coated, wire racks keep dishes in place.
  • The soft feet keep the dish rack from scratching countertops.
  • Its self-draining board is designed with the perfect pitch to avoid water pooling and is removable for easy cleaning.
  • It features a removable flatware Caddy, a built-in, dishwasher inspired handle, and adjustable compartments for cutlery and specialty items.


  • Multi-functional.
  • Classy Look.
  • Premium build.
  • High capacity storage.
  • Easy to clean.
  • limited warranty.


  • Many customers reported rust after only a few months.
  • Drainer tray often leaks water from sides.

5. mDesign Compact Dish Rack and Microfiber Mat Set

mDesign Compact Dish Rack and Microfiber Mat Set

This one from mDesign is a great option if you have a small counter. It has a narrow design, so it takes less space than conventional dish drainers. You can put this versatile rack inside the sink when you need space, or you can keep it on the counter.

The mDesign Compact Rack comes with a microfiber dish Mat, so you don’t have to worry about a wet counter top. If you thought of buying a mat separately, then this 2-piece set will save you a few bucks. The dish mat’s made of super-absorbent material; you can use it under the rack, or dry plates and cups on it. It’s sized perfectly (18″ x 9″) to be put under the rack, therefore it doesn’t take extra space on the counter.

This intelligently designed rack can hold up to 12 plates and nothing else, or you could store plates and cups together on it. It has a removable plastic cutlery holder on the side. It also sports non-slippery feet which provide a good grip on any type of surface.

Just like the Umbra Sinkin Rack that we reviewed, this one’s built to be portable and space-saver. Take it to a vacation, picnic, or any outdoor events you want; it’ll work equally well everywhere.

Key Features:

  • The rack measures 12.5″ x 5.5″ x 4″ (L x W x H). It weighs less than 1.3 pounds.
  • It’s built from quality steel for sturdiness, with a protective coating for rust-resistance.
  • It’s designed intelligently to fit inside smaller sinks as well as small countertops.
  • It has non-slippery and scratch-proof PVC feet for stability and preventing damage to the sink and counter.
  • It comes with a properly sized mat, a good option if you wanted to separately buy a mat.


  • Classic design.
  • Has a relatively bigger compartment for cutlery.
  • Can be used inside the sink or on the counter.


  • Limited space.
  • Bowls simply don’t fit on the rack.

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We tried to make our list useful for everybody by adding a wide variety of racks. We clearly understand that every kitchen is unique, so each requires different solutions. So we always encourage our readers to rethink their requirements. What are the applications of a rack in your kitchen? What features do you expect? Do you have enough space for a rack?

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