7 Best Bamboo Dish Rack Reviews | Top Picks in 2021

Cooking more food means cleaning more dishes and having more appliances to clean the pots. And dish rack is a great option to keep your dishes organized and dry them properly.

But since we are trying to reduce carbon and plastic consumption, we need to come up with a better alternative to steel or plastic products. And what would be better other than the bamboo dish rack? Bamboo has made a name for itself as it is environment-friendly and will serve you for years.

In this article, I have rounded up the best one, which comes with flatware sets, drainers, etc. Without further ado, let’s check out my honest reviews on the available products and thank me later.

Now have a quick look at all of my top picked products below:

1. HBlife Dish Rack – The best overall with spacious configuration

HBlife Bamboo Folding 2-Tier Collapsible Drainer Dish DryingStable, spacious, durable, multifunctional, and reasonably priced, this bamboo rack is the best option for a five-person family with an average-size kitchen. It can hold loads of 13 dishes, mugs, glasses, spoons, forks, knives, etc. And the best part is it won’t take up that much space while attached with the utensil holder.

The rack drains effectively; however, there is no tray included to collect the dripping waters from washed plates. 

2. Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Dish Drying Rack â€“ Another great one for small spaces

Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Dish Drying RackAt just under $20, it is an ideal option for small spaces, and thanks to its folding design. It is the best bamboo dish rack for those with tight kitchen spaces yet who want something plastic-free. Keep the big plates on the top shelf and the mugs and cups on the bottom shelf, and you’re set.

Though the top pick and runner up don’t have a drainage system, you may have to buy a tray or a mat to keep your counter from getting wet. There is a matching utensil holder, which is available separately. So, in this price tag, you are getting to enjoy the necessary features – nothing more, nothing less. 

3. Sagler wooden dish rack – Budget-friendly and compact

Sagler wooden dish rackWhen our top pick and runner-up may seem pricey, you can undoubtedly go for this best budget bamboo dish rack. With fantastic durability, it also comes with stunning looks and 14 slots for your full-size dinner plates. You can lay flatware in between plates.

This one is compact, easy to fold, and easy to clean. It drains and absorbs the water of your dishes faster than other competitors. The craftsmanship of this product is outstanding as this is built out of high-quality bamboo and screwed tightly. However, be careful about the pins as they may come out after frequent usage.

4. Totally Bamboo “Eco Collapsible Bamboo Dish Drying Rack– Great for large plates

Totally Bamboo Eco Collapsible Bamboo Dish Drying RackThis company is renowned for making 100% handmade products of cutting and serving boards to dish racks. If you are looking for an environment-friendly product yet a sturdy one that will serve you for years, this is the one. The design may be similar to others, but its cutting edge engineering will serve you both design aesthetics as well as efficiency.

The specially selected bamboo is 16% harder than the maple wood and 33% lighter than the oak. And the parts are assembled by using natural, chemist safe FDA approved glue. This is a large bamboo dish rack with ample space for your utensils. Additionally, it can be folded down to 4 inches when not in use. 

However, the slots are set farther apart and are too wide to catch the edges of smaller dishes. And the mold tends to form in humid areas. Store it in a dry place as much as possible.

5. NOVAYEAH Bamboo Dish Drying Rack â€“ Expensive but functional for big families

NOVAYEAH Bamboo Dish Drying RackPeople’s major complaints about their current dish racks are low capacity or lack of mold resistance, and the Novayeah rack should have no issues with eitherIf you want a dish rack that will be enough for all of your dishes, you should get the Novayeah. The special protective paint keeps the rack aloof from moisture and mold.

For the steep price, you are getting – 3-tiers, a utensil holder, and a 100% money-back option for any issues within 90 days. It is twice the price of our budget pick, but the extra pennies bring extra space and sturdiness. This can accommodate big plates, lids without wobbling and tipping. 

6. INNERNEED Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack– inexpensive, lightweight, and unique design

INNERNEED Bamboo Wooden Dish RackThis unique lightweight model comes with a one-third price tag of the top pick. It is decent, but it is smaller and holds less than our full-size picks. It doesn’t have a utensil holder. But it is pretty appropriate for the small kitchen.

It comes with 4 pieces of parts and easy to assemble. You can also keep this along with your big-sized racks as secondary cups and lids holder. You can use it as a wine glass holder. The users like it, but it is too small for the average-size American household of 2.55 people. 

7. Simplehuman Bamboo Frame Dishrack– High-end one with a swivel drain spout

Simplehuman Bamboo Frame DishrackIf you want to splurge and want to bring home a bamboo dish rack over sink, this large simplehuman dish drying rack is the one to go. The big bamboo frame will seat strongly on most countertops, and it is sealed with a durable waterproof coating. 

The rack’s drip-free design, adjustable water drain, and the simple rotating-spout system will ensure that no water will spill on your countertop but directly into the sink. However, the water can lead to mold, which means more frequent cleaning is required.

Beware of the Common Problems  When you are looking forward to having a bamboo drying rack, you need to pay heed to some issues.  The X-shape design of the racks collapses easily but doesn’t have any drainage features. You may need to have the bamboo dish rack with tray, where you have to buy the tray separately. If you don’t oil it regularly, it will eventually crack. Take care of it properly otherwise the rack will get caught by mold.

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

Check these two racks from my review unit. You can trust my recommendation and thank me later.

My Top Pick
HBlife Dish Rack:
• Holds loads of 13 dishes, mugs, glasses, spoons, forks, knives, etc.
• Attached with the utensil holder.
• 2-tier rack
• Dimensions: 16″ x 9 .8″ x 9 “
Bambüsi BEL-DR:
• Dimension: 17.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches
• 14 slots for plates
• 2-tier rack

Why Should You Buy A Bamboo Dish Rack?

Messy kitchens are the place for unwanted accidents, whether to your body or utensils breakage. You may have preferences towards microfiber mats or drain boards, but those are not durable enough and can increase bacteria. So to organize everything and get the necessary tools quickly, a dish rack can be handy. A dish rack holds everything in its place, allowing for better ventilation and drainage, decreasing utensil drying time. 

A bamboo dish rack, in this case, can be an eco-friendly and sustainable option. If you hate plastic and want to change your kitchen appearance into a stylish one, switch to a bamboo-made model. Also, bamboo-made dish racks are long-lasting and best for vigorous usage and come at a reasonable price tag.

Detailed Reviews of the Top 3 Bamboo Dish Rack

You have taken a glance at my top-rated products above. Now, let’s talk about their aspects and functionalities in my detailed bamboo dish drying rack review below.

1. HBlife Bamboo Folding 2-Tier Collapsible Dish With Utensils Flatware Holder Set

HBlife Bamboo Folding 2-Tier Collapsible Drainer Dish DryingThis ubiquitous dish rack can be found on every kitchen countertops for a reason: the utility for the price is unmatched. My favourite thing about this dish rack is that it lasts well through years of heavy use. 

This model is actually 2-tier bamboo dish rack with utensil holder. This spacious yet simple design holds up to 13 plates on top and there’s plenty of room for your multiple mugs and bowls to go on the lower area. However, the utensil tends to slip out of the back slots. Lastly, the flatware utensil holder stashes plenty of forks, spoons, and knives.

Weighing around 2.5Ibs, It can hold the plates securely even if they are large and heavy. The X-shaped design allows you to conveniently fold and store the rack to keep your counter clutter-free. As far as footprint, the HBlife, at 16 by 10 inches, had a low profile among the best performers. So, it can contain more than other models with the same or quite a similar countertop footprint. 

If you clean it thoroughly, it will serve you for years. The maintenance can fight the bacteria growth and keep away the bamboo dish drainer from picking up an unpleasant odor. That being said, don’t forget to buy the dish drainer, which will sit beneath your dish rack. It will move the water into the sink and prevent it from pooling on your counter. 

Things I like:

The sturdy configuration and scratch-resistant feature will serve you for years. It comes with great capacity with two tires and a utensil holder, making it the best versatile bamboo dish drying rack. The X-shape design is quite ergonomic and saves space on your small countertop. This comes preassembled and offers an aesthetic look to your kitchen. 

Things I don’t like:

You have to screw up the flatware holder, which can be a hassle. The screws may get lost. So, it would be better if it came with a dip in the rack to attach the holder more securely. And the flimsy hinges make it tough to collapse the rack.

2. Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Dish Drying Rack 

Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Dish Drying RackAmidst overpriced dish racks, the Bambusi dish drainer bamboo comes with outstanding performance on any particular metric without breaking your bank. It offers a great overall balance compared with the competition. 

It is popular with many home cooks for its high-quality look and relatively long 3-year lifespan for an untreated wood piece. 

It doesn’t get any simpler than this no-frills rack. It is smaller than our top pick, but it can easily fit full-sized plates and cups. Plates and bowls can be held upright in the 14 slots on its top tier, and the lower shelf is mainly for mugs, glasses, cups. However, it doesn’t come along with a utensil holder and a drying mat. But for its compact size, you can fold it easily, store it and get it out of sight while having a party. 

It is comprised of 100% bamboo, which is an eco-friendly material and totally renewable. However, to enhance its longevity, you need to maintain it properly. You may need to oil it to maintain the appearance over time. It can be time-consuming for some. Overall, it is a great deal in this price range. 

Things I like:

At first glance, you will be pleased with its attractive appearance. It is quite sturdy and will serve you for a long span. It can hold a good quantity of items. It folds away easily to store and makes your counter clutter-free. And on top of that, it resists bacteria and odors.

Things I don’t like:

You have to maintain it properly, or it won’t last long. And it would be best if it came with a utensil holder. However, you can buy it separately. 

3. INNERNEED Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack

INNERNEED Bamboo Wooden Dish RackMany of you may look for something that is easier to care for than its counterparts and looks sleek and adds an aesthetic look to your kitchen. Then you should look no further than the INNERNEED dish rack.

If you are sick of dealing with the usual shortcomings even after wasting your cash or can’t find a rack that will work with your kitchen, the INNERNEED is the way to go. The small design is not similar to others, but the beautiful wood-like finish won’t rust, tarnish, absorb odors, or scratch surfaces. There are 6 slots for 6 plates. 

It does not come with any utensil holder or drainer. But what do you expect in this price tag? It has a one-third price tag of the top pick. It is pretty appropriate for the small kitchen. It holds less than our full-size picks. It comes with 4 pieces of parts and easy to assemble. You can use it as a secondary cup and lids holder.  

However, because this one is so lightweight, it will tip over when you place heavy plates. But it is great for keeping the plates separate. 

Things I like:

It is well-suited to any kitchen style, from rustic to contemporary. It is quite affordable. The durability, lightweight design, and compactness made it to the list.

Things I don’t like:

While assembling the dish rack, you need to apply a bit of elbow grease to fit it together.

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Dish Rack

A dish rack can be your rescuer where you can arrange everything in one place. And if it’s made of bamboo, your kitchen will get a classy look for sure. But to buy the best-suited bamboo dish rack, you need to consider a few things. 


Whenever you are going to buy a dish rack, whether made of bamboo or steel, you need to understand how much space is necessary. Carefully inspect the rack’s design so that you can get quick access to the utensils in the kitchen.

Also, measure the area of your countertop or sink where you want to put it. If you have many dishes but smaller space, then dish racks of 2-tiers like HBlife dish rack will work. But for a small family or bachelor life, a single-tier or small dish rack like INNERNEED will be suitable. 


For an easy storage option, you have to pick a model that has folded design. But consider how effortlessly you can fold the rack and whether it requires more space. If the rack is about to stay inside a cabinet, then a foldable design will save you from the hassle. X-shaped folding models or collapsible designs that I have mentioned earlier are for people with limited counter space or requiring more flexibility in their setup.

Lower shelf 

A dish rack with a lower shelf will help you to store extra cups and glasses. It will be more convenient for you, and you will save money. Look for models like NOVAYEAH or HBlife that come with a space for storing spoons and knives too. 


The best part of a bamboo-made dish rack is that it does not break or get scratched easily. It has antibacterial properties that make it last longer. Moreover, bamboo is both sustainable and better for heavy-duty use.

But whenever you are going for a bamboo rack, understand its quality and construction. Check if there are no excessive crevices as good mold managers have fewer (or no) tight corners or crevices where water or gunk can get trapped.


A good quality bamboo rack will be capable of accommodating all sizes of plates. Ensure the durability and check if they were stable and balanced if loaded on one side with just heavy glasses.

Assembling and maintenance

You should pick the one that is easy to maintain. Check to see if it can be cleaned easily and is odor tolerant. Also, examine whether you can assemble the rack hassle-free. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing A Bamboo Dish Rack

1. What to put under the bamboo dish rack?

You can use Solid Kitchen Drying Mat or Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack, or Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat or stuffs like that under the rack. They will catch the water dropped from the wet dishes and collect them in a small area. 

2. Are bamboo dish racks sanitary?

Yes. Bamboo Dish racks are sanitary, but you have to keep them fresh regularly. Nowadays, every bamboo dish rack comes with 100% plastic molded, and it remains more safe and sound for use. So if you have a preferred taste for woody things, go for sanitary bamboo dish racks.

3. Are bamboo dish racks good? 

It depends on your taste and how much space you have in your kitchen. If you love a rustic kitchen model, bamboo dish racks are the optimal option for you. They are anti-microbial and environment-friendly. Just keep it clean and dry. The tone and look they offer will make the investment-worthy.  

How Do You Care For A Bamboo Dish Rack?

It would help if you regularly cleaned your bamboo dish rack to get the best out of it. For this, you just need a bar of dish soap, cloths for drying, and some food-grade mineral oil. 

First, take some mild dish soap and water into a small container to make soapy water. Now dip the cloth into the water and scrub the dish rack with it. Don’t leave any parts, and keep your focus on the stained parts.

Now rinse the soapy water off with a clean, soft cloth and pat it dry. If the rack looks dry, apply several drops of mineral oil to a clean cloth and rub it all over the rack to rehydrate it.

If you don’t take proper care of the rack, mold can build up, making the rack look dull. To keep away the molds, perform the following steps:

  • First, fill the sink with hot water, add 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap and make the water soapy.  
  • Now put the rack in the sink and scrub it using a soft toothbrush until it gets rid of the mold build-up. 
  • Rinse it with fresh, clean water.  
  • Now it’s time to disinfect your dish drainer. Take a spray bottle and fill it with three tablespoons of white vinegar. Spray this solution on your dish drainer for at least ten minutes. Finally, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe and let it dry.

Final Words

If you don’t want a dishwasher and prefer to go for an eco-friendly way, welcome to the world of the bamboo dish rack. You will undoubtedly appreciate its virtues every single day. The products are handy, and they can be stowed away when in use. If you choose one from my recommended ones, you can save a ton of counter space and your valuable pennies.

However, do you get confused about which one to choose between bamboo drying rack vs woolen drying mat as an eco-friendly product? Let me know in the comment section! 

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