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Best 2 Tier Dish Rack ReviewsSingle-layer dish racks are a wastage of space and they are less convenient. The lack of having a dishwasher leaves the sink messy as you have to do the dishes manually.

This is where a 2 tier dish rack comes in handy. You can clean the plates, bowls, spoon, and lots of other items, place them in their respective places in the rack, and let them all dry at once.

It not only helps dry the utensils but also keeps them organized in the most efficient way. So, I have invested a few hours of my time to research and find the best products with reasonable prices to recommend. Have a quick look at them, and start ordering once you are confident about your selection.

Now have a quick look at all of my top picked products below:

1. iSPECLE 304 Stainless Steel – Best Overall

capable of storing 17 plates and pots, 18 bowls, various utensils, and cutting boards, preferable for a small kitchen, long-lasting SS quality, sturdier and balanced, hold up to 110 lb., adjustable feet,3 water trays

2. ADBIU 2 Tier Large Dish Drainer – Runner-Up

Suitable for less than 32″ sink length, 20.5†height, the adjustable length between 32” and 39”, SUS304 Stainless steel, black baking finish, no rusting, long-lasting durability, easy to clean

3. Simple Houseware 2-Tier – Best Budget

Chrome finish, translucent drainboard, cutlery bucket, stylish design and color, sturdy metal construction, mug holder, detachable cutlery bucket with drainage spot

4. F-color Large 2 Tier – Multi-function Countertop

Holds 17 dishes(6-12inch), 18 bowls, 6 slots for cookware, 4 cutlery holders, 1 utensil holder, carrying net for cups or Dutch oven pot, 8 extra hooks for spatulas, spoons, and tongs, 5 detachable drain boards

5. HEOMU 2-Tier 304 Stainless Steel – High-quality and Large

36.5 to 39 inches adjustable length, large-sized drainer, holds more than 20 dishes and more than 32 bowls, SUS304 stainless steel, easy to clean, durable and rust-free, anti-slip pads on the bottom of feet

6. Majalis Stainless Steel Large – Long-lasting Nano Coating

27.5 to 33.5 inches adjustable length, grey and black piano paint, strong and sturdy, load capacity up to 110 pounds, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to sanitize, 4 suction cups on the feet

7. Apsan 2 -Tier Dish Rack Adjustable – Corner Drying Rack

Perfect for kitchen corners, foldable triangle design, easy to clean, holds 6 bowls, 8 plates, 2 hooks, heavy-duty iron frame, premium stainless steel, durable, good load capacity, compact, lightweight corner dish drying rack

How I Picked the Best Dish Rack with Multiple Tiers?

If you search the term “2 tier dish rack†on Amazon, you will see hundreds of models. It even includes such models that do not match your criteria. So, I made a filter, gone through all of them, and ended up having a handful of models to work with.

While choosing the top 7 products, I gave construction material, design, size, durability, and convenience more priority. While checking each product carefully, I tried to know whether it is capable of holding frequently used items on the racks.

Some people have enough space in their kitchen to put the dish drying rack on the countertop. On the other hand, some can only place it over the sink. Furthermore, small apartments have so small kitchens that both of the models may seem to be too large.

For singles or couples living in tight spaces, I have included a corner dish rack. Overall, the list contains different models with unique features and benefits so that everyone can get home with the right product. Check 2 of my top picks, and continue to the main review section.

In case, you’re in a hurry….

Check these two and order any of the 2 tier dish racks from my review unit. If you are in a hurry, you can trust my recommendation and thank me later.

Top pick: iSPECLERunner-Up: ADBIU
iSPECLE 304 Stainless Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack
• Drain Board: 3
• Dimension:
16.7L x 10W x 15.3H inches
• Weight Capacity:
110 lbs.
• Material:
304 Stainless Steel
• Placement:
Counter Top
Check The Price
ADBIU Over The Sink
• Drain Board: N/A
• Dimension: 41L x 12.5W x 20.5H inches
• Weight Capacity: 132 lbs.
• Material: 304 Stainless Steel
• Placement: Over the Sink
Check The Price

How to Choose A 2 Tier Dish Rack? (The Buying Guide)

Dish racks don’t have complex features or technicalities that you need to understand. The design, build material, and stability are all that matters. Let’s see what you should consider while buying the best model at a reasonable price.

1. Countertop, Over-sink, or Corner

The first thing one needs to consider whether the kitchen is suitable for a countertop, over the sink, or corner model. I have reviewed products from all three categories.

Owners with kitchen sink not having much space above it should get a countertop model. Usually, this type doesn’t offer much length and space like the over-sink ones.

The corner rack is also a type similar to the over-sink models. So, you can understand that the most spacious models fall in the over-the-sink category.

2. Build Material

After the selection of the type, check the build material of the rack. I recommend stainless steel because it is strong and waterproof. Other metals with coatings on them tend to last less than SS.

3. Versatility

By versatility, I mean whether the dish drying rack is capable of holding different kitchen items at once. Some models can only hold a few plates, bowls, and tools which are perfect for singles and couples. However, families should have something bigger like my top pick and runner-up.

4. Stability

Lastly, check the features that ensure the stability of the product. The best choice can be good-quality suction cups and rubber feet. I prefer rubber feet because a slightly inferior quality won’t affect the stability, unlike suction cups.

Best 2 Tier Dish Racks: My Top 7 Picks

1. iSPECLE 304 Stainless Steel – Best Overall

iSPECLE 304 Stainless Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack

Key Features:

  • Drain Board: 3
  • Dimension: 16.7L x 10W x 15.3H inches
  • Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

More features: 17 plates and 18 pots at a time, rustproof, easy to clean, sturdy design, adjustable height, quick assembly

Standard size with good capacity, durable construction, stable design, and reasonable pricing are the reasons behind choosing iSpacle as the best 2 tier dish rack.


That is right. It is one of the most convenient dish-drying racks with 2 tiers you can find on the market. Its dimension and capacity meet the requirements of a small and medium family easily.

Also, you can place it on the kitchen countertop without worrying about the water dripping. Because 3 drainboards are enough to catch all and leave the top dry. The ‘H’ shaped design includes handle-like bars so that carrying it does not become a hassle.

For stability, it not only has rubber feet but also an adjustable mechanism. So, you can place it on uneven platforms, adjust it accordingly, and make it as stable as possible. There will be no chances of damaging your favorite and expensive dishes.

Furthermore, the rustproof construction makes it even more desirable. You can easily clean the water and never worry about corrosion. 304 stainless steel makes it a very long-lasting product.


As you have seen on the short spec sheet, the rack can hold up to 17 plates and 18 pots at a time. On another note, the load capacity is less than 110 pounds which is more than enough.

It is very and easy and fast to assemble and disassemble the dish rack. However, you need to ensure a minimum space around it for accident-free usage.

The Good

What I like about the best two-tier dish rack is its square-shaped pipes and rubber feet with adjustable height. Those make it very stable and free of any kind of vibration or shakes. It is perfect for small apartments; neither too small nor too large.

The Bad

It would be better if the holding position for the utensils cup had been a little bigger and deeper.

2. ADBIU Over the Sink – Runner-Up

ADBIU Over The Sink

Key Features:

  • Drain Board: N/A
  • Dimension: 41L x 12.5W x 20.5H inches
  • Weight Capacity: 132 lbs.
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

More features: Adjustable length, black baking finish, stable L-shaped base, adjustable and removable parts, suction cup on the feet

ADBIU, the manufacturer, has recently updated this model making it adjustable length 2 tier dish rack over the sink. Also, they changed the material to stainless steel making it more durable and stronger.

As a result, it can carry more load than the top pick. Yet, I have placed it in the second position because it can’t provide the same level of stability as the previous one. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about.

Reliable and Spacious

After the first look at the product, you may think why it is not tipping forward. The strong steel construction, a good design, and 4 suction cups on the bottom make it reliable and stable.

Moreover, the coating makes it rustproof throughout its service life. Spending slightly over 70 bucks, you are getting a rack for the lifetime. This model has gone through a load-bearing test and easily holds a 132-pound weight.

It is not only spacious but also convenient because the length is adjustable. No matter what the width of your sink has, you wouldn’t have a problem matching it. The height of the rack is carefully chosen so that you don’t have a visual blocking.

Inside the package, there is a dish rack, bowl rack, fruit and vegetable rack, square basket, cutlery holder, chopping board rack, knife holder, glass holder, paper holder, and hooks. Altogether, it can save more than 2 square feet of kitchen space.

The Good

Its over-the-sink design makes it more convenient as it doesn’t block the sink in any way. The rack is very easy to assembly and clean. It is beneficial for apartment owners who don’t have the luxury of spaces in the kitchen. 

The Bad

I would love this product if the manufacturer hasn’t provided substandard suction cups under the feet. That is why its stability is somewhat questionable.

3. Simple Houseware 2-Tier – Best Budget

Simple Houseware 2-Tier Dish Rack with Drainboard

Key Features:

  • Drain Board:  1
  • Dimension: 17.75L x 11W x 13H inches
  • Weight Capacity: Not Specified
  • Material: Not Specified

More features: Chrome finish, translucent drainboard, cutlery bucket, sturdy metal construction, mug holder

Here comes the best budget 2 tier dish drying rack with standard features. There are even less expensive models than this one. But those do not have a standard quality. So, why should you waste the whole budget only to save 3 or 4 bucks?

However, it is important to know that the manufacturer hasn’t specified the material of construction and load capacity. So, its durability can’t be promised. I guess that is the price you pay for getting a budget model.

Now, don’t get too much disappointed because thousands of people are buying this model making it the most popular dish rack with 2 tiers on this list. Read their reviews and make a decision.


Seeing the dimension and image, you can guess that it is a compact model. Yet, the design makes it capable of holding several dishes and bowls. Also, some other utensils along with cutlery have their places in them.

The chrome finish and all-metal construction match almost any kitchen décor. For your convenience, the cutlery bucket can be detached and there is a one-side opening on the drainboard to let the water out easily.

The Good

Competitive pricing with almost all necessary features is the reason I like this one. It can hold lots of dishes and bowls along with other utensils. The assembly doesn’t need an expert or too much time. It perfectly fits small kitchens’ countertops.

The Bad

The drainboard design is not perfect. Because of its flat surface, you need to elevate the other end of the opening to let the water out.

4. F-color Large 2 Tier – Multi-function Countertop

F-color Dish Drying Rack, F-color Large 2 Tier Dish Rack

Key Features:

  • Drain Board: 5
  • Dimension: 33.15H x 10W x 15.99L inches
  • Weight Capacity: 44 lbs.
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

More features: 17 dishes, 18 bowls, 4 cutlery holder, 1 utensil holder, 6 slots for cookware, stable rubber feet

A wide design, better stability, and capability of drying versatile items at once should have given this one from F-color in the first place. However, it does not have enough load capacity and not-so-strong build material has dragged it down to fourth place.

Space-saver and Good Organizer

This Large 2 tier dish rack with a draining tray can hold and dry lots of items at the same time. The list includes 17 dishes, 18 bowls, 6 cookware slots, 4 cutlery holders, 1 utensil holder, carrying net for cups, Dutch oven pot, 8 extra hooks for spatulas, spoons, and tongs.

One thing you should remember is that the standard plate size is between 6 and 12 inches.

I think that it includes almost everything. The 304 stainless steel material can keep them. But the thin pipes are the reasons the rack doesn’t have load-taking capacity like the top models.

Despite the not-so-sturdy construction, you don’t need to worry about stability. Because 4 rubber feet keep it one place. And the wide design makes it physically stable.

The Good

The main benefits of this model are the 5 different drainboards and a wide area that can fit lots of pots, pans, plates, bowls, etc. Within only 10 minutes, you can assemble and use the rack.

The Bad

It would be appreciated if the frame were thicker. However, I understand such a construction for the price point.

5. HEOMU Over The Sink – High-quality and Large

HEOMU Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack,2-Tier

Key Features:

  • Drain Board: N/A
  • Dimension: 39L x 11.5W x 31H inches
  • Weight Capacity: Not Specified
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

More features: Adjustable length, at least 20 dishes, 32 bowls, easy to clean, rust-free, anti-slip stable rubber feet, quick assembly

With 2 adjustable length options, and being less expensive than the runner-up, this stainless steel 2 tier dish rack should have a place in the top 3. But the design and not-so-good feet material didn’t let me do it.

Though the listing says that you can use it on kitchen counters, you should not. Because there are no drainboards in the package. On the other hand, its over-the-sink design also comes in the way of tall persons. However, there are lots of good things about it, and let’s see what those are.

Multifunctional Design

The option for drying utensils, chopsticks, knives, fork, plates, bowls, soap, sponges, cutting boards, etc. is really appreciable. It is truly a space saver which can hold 20 dishes and 32 bowls at the same time.

The stainless steel construction makes it rustproof and durable. Moreover, there are anti-slip pads on the feet with adjustable options. As a result, you won’t have to keep it steady even on uneven surfaces.

The Good

An affordable dish rack with lots of space and is like a dream come true. I like the fact that it has several sections to keep lots of different items.

The Bad

This double tier dish rack has lots of small parts making it longer to assemble compared to the other models. Also, the manufacturer needs to ensure a better finishing before delivering it to the customers.

6. Majalis Stainless Steel Large – Long-lasting Nano Coating

Majalish Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, Majalis Stainless Steel 2 Tier Large Dish Drainer

Key Features:

  • Drain Board: N/A
  • Dimension: 33.5L x 12.01W x 31.5H inches
  • Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

More features: Adjustable length, 1 silver holder, 1 knife holder, 1 cutting board holder, 1 basket, 6 metal hooks, easy to clean, 4 suction cups for stability, rustproof coating

Almost everything about this over the sink dish rack is loveable which is reflected in my rating. State-of-the-art construction, attractive matte finish, better design allowing more items to dry are some notable characteristics of this product.

The only thing that bothers me is the length. It should have more length which is the standard for such 2 tier dish racks. However, those who are okay with the length should seriously consider buying it as there are tons of good praiseworthy features I’m going to talk about now.

Most Durable Rack

Three layers of coating are more than enough to have longer durability than other models on the list. The stainless steel is at its core, rustproof one in the middle, and Nano black on the outer portion making it modern looking and scratchproof too.

That durable construction along with an intelligent design makes it capable of taking high amounts of load up to 110 pounds. All those features don’t come without stability. There are 4 good-quality suction cups on the bottom. Although the length maximized at 33.5â€, it gives you the option to adjust it starting from 27.5†to 33.5†infinitely.

The Good

Its infinitely adjustable length mechanism, stable foot design, stylish look, and premium build-quality are some of the good sides of this 2 tier dish rack. It is a space-saver and a good organizer.

The Bad

It is the most expensive model on the list. Customers expect more length from over sick designs which this one doesn’t have.

7. Apsan Over The Sink – Corner Drying Rack

Apsan Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, 2 -Tier Dish Rack

Key Features:

  • Drain Board: N/A
  • Dimension: Corner Rack
  • Weight Capacity: Not Specified
  • Material: Iron Frame

More features: Corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, rustproof, strong and stable, foldable, 6 bowls, 8 plates

The last one from Apsan is the only corner dish rack on the list. To be honest, it is not the most popular design or type. However, some people with a very small kitchen and sink on one side will find it convenient.

Practical Design

Before you disagree with the term, you should consider that I don’t recommend it to all. By practical design, I mean that the foldable triangle design would fit the corners perfectly without getting in the middle of anything on the countertop.

Moreover, its multipurpose design is capable of holding 6 bowls and 8 plates along with some other tools. It is an over-the-sink dish drying rack with a heavy-duty iron frame and premium stainless steel.

The Good

Fits in the corners perfectly. The triangle design makes it very stable. You can clean, maintain, assemble, and disassemble the rack seamlessly. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it portable and easily storable when it’s not in use.

The Bad

Compared to the material, size, and features, this 2 tier corner dish drying rack seems overpriced.

How to Assemble A Two Tier Dish Rack?

Before starting to put the pieces together, it would be wise to read the user manual. If there is any warning or matter that does not match with the standard procedure, you will be aware of that.

Step 1: Firstly, unbox the parts and lay them flat on a surface to have an overview.

Step 2: Take the bottom part and attach two sidebars which would make the frame ready.

Step 3: Then, tighten the screws of the tiers or trays, put the rubber feet, and place the drainboards.

Step 4: Finally, hang the removable parts like hooks or utensil holder on the rack’s side, and you would be good to go.

Whether it is a countertop or over-sink model, carefully check how it drains the water.

Bottom Line

You have reached the end knowing all one needs to know about a 2 tier dish rack. And, the decision is up to you. But for those who haven’t been able to make up their mind, I can help you with my experienced suggestions.

According to my research, iSPECLE is the best bet compared to the price and features. When the budget and length are not an issue, I would have gone for Majalis without thinking again. So, which one are you going to order from the list? Let me know in the comments.

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